Top 5: 2019 Pre-Match Shirts

Pre-match shirts are a relatively new phenomenon, but from the designs on offer from Europe’s top clubs, they could soon start to hold their own against the actual matchday strips, especially as they’re cheaper and a little more unique. Here are 5 from this season that are very definitely worth a shout:

AS Roma

The great thing about a lot of these pre-match shirts is the fact the pressure to create something iconic and tasteful for the home, away (and to a lesser extent) third strips is definitely off, and designers can start to stretch their imaginations a little more. Plus the fact that (for most of them, anyway) sponsors are removed too, and it’s a field day for the people at the helm. Anyway, here’s AS Roma’s magnificent gold and red cloud design. Just look at that. My word.

Most definitely buy one here.


Staying in Italy, but journeying over to Juve, here’s their amazing ink-splatter-or-is-it-outer-space pre-match top. Love the colours and the bold design, which is a little similar to the new Arsenal one, but we’re not complaining. Almost like wearing a piece of art on your torso, and a nice splash of colour after last season’s black and white affair. Which, in fairness, was still bloody gorgeous.

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Paris St. Germain

Shuttling over to France now, and to PSG. There’s a lot to get into here, and as big fans of jagged lines here at FSR, this one ticked a lot of boxes for us. The added Jordan logo is another cool little touch, and the dark hues and gradients on the lines really give it a unique feel: adventurous, but not too gaudy, which is something I never thought I’d say about PSG.

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Aston Villa

Whilst not exactly the most glamourous of clubs in the list, the Premier League newcomers’ pre-match shirt is definitely up there with the best. The two-tone lines and subtle colours actually make this one nicer than the 19/20 home and away shirts, and also evoke those amazing 80s Villa strips. Kappa came in for a lot of stick amongst Villa fans, as the new designs were definitely a downgrade on last season’s superb Luke Roper kits, and sizing issues have also taken a lot of getting used to. It’s a shame, as the training tops and this pre-match one are so good, but the actual matchday kits are a little disappointing.

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Reinvigorated with a new manager, and a fresh line-up of mainly youth-squad players, there is a lot to be excited about if you’re a Chelsea fan this season. Add to that list, the brilliant pre-match top from Nike. If you can, try and get your hands on the sponsor-less version, as it’s so much nicer than the one with a Carabao logo plastered on the front of it.

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