Top 5: Shirts From The Soviets

When the old Soviet bloc was crumbling in the late 80s and early 90s, it paved the way for a bright new future in Eastern Europe, as countries in the area regained independence. Football from the region has a long and illustrious past, so we thought we’d look at some shirts from behind the old iron curtain.

Slovenia (Away) 2018

Nestled in what was once Yugoslavia, Slovenia has been on the up for years now, and Nike’s 2018 away shirt gives the national side a slick, beautifully designed shirt with a brilliant line-drawn graphic of the crest on the front.

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Poland (Home) 1982

A classic white-and-red pinstriped look for the early 80s Polish side, with the nation’s crest proudly emblazoned on the front.

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Soviet Union (Home) 1960

A classic, with bold Russian lettering on the front and stark white and red colouring.

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Czech Republic (Home) 2018

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re big fans of graphics on shirts (this Ivory Coast one being another great example), so we absolutely love this Czech Republic one from Puma, with the lion face on the front.

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DDR (East Germany) 1983

The old East German side used to play in this classic 80s blue and white pin-stripe number with the big, bold lettering just above the crest.

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